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In recent months we have seen a dramatic decline in the number of appraisal orders from AMC's. Why? 
The main reason is the hike in interest rates and the seller's refusal of lowering the sales prices. The buyers have to adopt themselves to higher interest rates and the sellers of real estate properties have to lower their expectations. These two forces of demand and supply will eventually create an equilibria in the market, and consequently the number of orders will pick up. 
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Tony Kiani

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July 12th, 2022 2:08 PM
What is a retrospective appraisal and why the clients are willing to place such an order? Retrospective Appraisal refers to an appraisal with the effective date in the past. Let's say that there is a dispute about the value of certain property (either due to tax litigation or divorce or any other reasons including but not limited to a date of death, etc.) as effective date of 5 years ago. The client wants to know how much was the value of the property under dispute 5 years ago. Probably, the court wants to know this fact (value) to rule on a dispute between parties. 
The appraiser has to look at the market activities occurred during that period and has to analyze prior activities (now he/she has to go back 5 years and find out what was sold within 12 months that reasonably would resembled the characteristics of the subject property).
An appraisal performed at the present time with an effective date as of a date in the past is technically known as a Retrospective Appraisal. Retrospective appraisals may be needed for a variety of reasons including; Property tax appeal – valuation for a specified tax year. Litigation – valuation as of the date of loss.
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July 5th, 2022 11:40 AM
I have had many instances that the clients want to get a construction loan and is in need of an appraisal based on a hypothetical condition that the subject is already built. The appraiser need to get the plans and specifications. Study them carefully. Specifically, pay close attention to architectural drawings. Find out what will be the GLA upon completion, how many bedroom/bathrooms, what kind of view the property will have upon construction, quality of workmanship and type of finishes that the GC will install. Then the appraiser needs to compare the subject with newly built properties. Since my background is of a General Contractor/Sub-contractor (Rough Framing), I usually like the above challenges. 
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July 1st, 2022 7:45 AM
Retrospective appraisal refers to the appraisal performed sometime in the past date. For example, if there is an interest in finding what was the worth of a property 5 years ago at the date that a death occurred or a marriage was dissolved , the appraiser can provide the value of the property at that time in the past. 
The appraiser has to research the market activities of 5 years ago. Has to find comparable that could compete with the subject property and do his/her analysis and perform an opinion of value of the subject property in 5 years ago. 
In summary:
What does it mean when an appraiser seeks retrospective value?
Retrospective Value is generally defined as: “A value opinion effective as of a specified historical date. The term does not define a type of value. Instead, it identifies a value opinion as being effective at some specific prior date.
These appraisals frequently get prepared as part of an estate valuation, since property in an estate gets valued as of the date that the estate owner died. Most appraisers can produce a backdated appraisal for this or other reasons. 

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What is the correct Home Appraisal Process to determine property value the right way? Watch the following video.

The video explains the importance of the following factors in home valuation:
  1. Location
  2. Market
  3. Age
  4. Condition
  5. Improvement
  6. Neighborhood
Each of the above factors has great role when evaluating the appraisal of a piece of property.

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